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Property Management San Diego

AMG Props is a team of professional, full service property managers in San Diego.

We make you and your property a priority.

A single management plan cannot fit all properties. We understand your unique needs and specialized goals, and we’ll craft a service plan that fits. You can expect unparalleled service and a deep understanding of the local rental market.

When you work with us at AMG Props, you’ll have access to the best skills, knowledge, and talents in the area. Your San Diego investment property will receive our close attention and benefit from all of our resources. We have developed systems and procedures that work, and the result is a better, more profitable investment experience for you.

Our leasing and management services are thorough, principled, and extensive. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your expert San Diego property managers are taking care of everything your property and your tenants need.

For Owners

Property Management San Diego

Our team is here to provide customized, high-quality management services. We are your partners, and our goal is the same as your goal: to increase revenue and decrease expenses.

With AMG Props, you can expect property management San Diego owners and investors can trust.

Property management in San Diego is a competitive field. We are committed to excellence in everything we do. At AMG Props, we are highly selective about the properties and the clients we work with because we want to give the all the attention and service they deserve. Our goal is to make real estate investing easier for you. We customize our services to meet your precise needs.

Property Management San Diego Services

 Leasing Services

We work with San Diego owners who are comfortable managing their own properties, but need a little help finding and placing a great tenant. Our leasing services are designed for this. With our lease-only option, we utilize some of the best and most innovative tools in the industry to advertise and show your home, collect applications, screen prospective tenants, and create a move-in process that’s

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efficient, easy, and effortless.

Our website is one of our best tools in effectively marketing your home. We rely on high quality digital photos, accurate and complimentary descriptions, and an easy way for interested parties to contact us and schedule a showing. Our screening process relies on comprehensive background checks and financial verifications. We’ll make sure only the best, most qualified renters are placed in your home.

 Management Services

Smart investors know that your San Diego rental property can perform better and earn you more when you leave it with professional property managers like the team at AMG Props. We will handle everything from advertising and leasing to maintenance and lease enforcement. You’ll receive ongoing communication from us, and we make it easy for you to check in and see how your property is doing.

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We have a record of helping our clients earn higher rents, attract better renters, and preserve the value of their greatest assets. Everything we do is with your best interests in mind, whether it’s preventative maintenance, regular inspections, or aggressive rent collection. We’re here to make this process better for you.

Amanda has been managing our property for years and she takes the full weight of having rental properties off our minds. She is always quick to find new renters, fix any problems that arise, and recommend actions to enhance our properties. I recommend her without hesitation.

Angela C.

For Renters

At AMG Props, we believe in the value of a positive tenant relationship.  

Good tenant relationships means that owners don’t have to worry about their properties and tenants can relax and enjoy their rental experience in the property of their choice. We provide safe, habitable, and comfortable properties so tenants can feel at home.  

Our Current Tenants

Current tenants know that we are reliable and responsive. General maintenance requests can be made online, but there’s a 24-hour emergency hotline that anyone can call if there’s an urgent need for help. We believe in communication and accessibility, and we’re here to take care of any issues you may have with your home.

Our Prospective Tenants

When you’re looking for a San Diego property, we hope you’ll consider one of the homes we manage at AMG Props. Our team is selective about the properties we’re willing to rent out, so when you lease a home with us, you know you’re getting one of the best rental properties in San Diego. Talk to us about your budget and your needs, and we’ll find you the perfect place.

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I’ve had bad experience with the previous property management company. When the owner switched to AMG it was like a breath of fresh air. The last company had no sense of urgency or communication skills. Requesting a service request with AMG is painless and easy. They always keep you in the loop on your request. When and If I have to call the AMG office every one is always so friendly and helpful.

Current Tenant

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What People Are Saying About Us

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I have been well-served by Amanda and her team at AMG properties for the past 3 years when I became a client. They have been friendly, responsive, and efficient in dealing with the many aspects of the rental market.
Google AMG Props
We have used Amanda and AMG props for several years now to manage our rental house.I can say that we have had any complaints over time.I could not give a higher recommendation than I give AMG.
AMG Props replied:
Steve thank you! We love managing your great little beach cottage. Thank you for your continued business over the years, we so appreciate you!
Google AMG Props
Amanda and her team are excellent!
AMG Props replied:
Thank you Jenn! You are a wonderful client and we appreciate your dedication to maintaining your property & keeping happy tenants!
Google AMG Props
AMG Props has been providing property management for me for the last 6-7 years, both for a rental property and for summer airbnb rental. The company has grown and improved over this time and I have been fully satisfied. My requests have been heard and responded to quickly. Regular maintenance has been handled without my involvement. Can't say enough good things about this company.
Google AMG Props
Amanda takes care of everything! She helps close the tenants, maintain the property, and handles all the back office paperwork and paying us out properly. 100% recommend her if you're thinking of renting out your property.
AMG Props replied:
Thank you Derric!! We love managing your beautiful property, and thank you for being an owner who cares about keeping your property well maintained & your tenants happy!
Google AMG Props
AMG is professional, thorough and reliable. They do an excellent job.
AMG Props replied:
Thank you Bob! It is a pleasure managing your beautiful properties.
Google AMG Props
AMGprops is a wonderful team of professionals who continue to deliver excellent service. We live across the country and they take care of everything for us by consistently going the extra mile.
AMG Props replied:
Thank you Ronen! You have been one of our longest running clients and are such a pleasure to work with!
Google AMG Props
I've really enjoyed working amg. They are very responsive and responsible. They do all the hard work so I don't have too. Thanks Amanda and crew!
AMG Props replied:
Thank you Royce! We have really enjoyed working with you over the years and appreciate such great clients such as yourself who take pride in maintaining their valuable assets.
Google AMG Props
We love working with AMG! Very professional and super customer service!
AMG Props replied:
Thank you Jen! We are grateful for owners like you guys who are dedicated to providing great places for people to live. It's been a pleasure working with you and "the guys" over the years!
Google AMG Props
AMG Props is professional and caring. Amanda and her staff take care of every last detail.

Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to learn more about our properties and what it’s like to work with AMG Props, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk more about our rental properties, our application requirements, and our leasing process.

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Michele Brown – Leasing & Maintenance Director

Michele Brown is our Leasing & maintenance director and has her finger on the pulse of all the many projects going on in the office at any given time.
If Michele could be anywhere other than work, right this minute, she would be home enjoying her dogs. When Michele was 10 she aspired to be a cosmetologist. On Sunday mornings, Michele can be found lounging with her coffee (and her beloved doggies). Michele is a kind person and excels at multitasking and is not easily get distracted. She is laser focused and thrives off of completing many different tasks every day. She loves that her job is never the same day to day & that she is able to grow her abilities & help people every day. Michele describes herself as loud, up front & goofy (a great combination around this office), and thinks that her fellow AMG Props team would describe her as “a Mom”. Michele loves waking up extra early to spend an hour lounging in bed before getting her day started. When asked what she reads regularly, she replied “lol the Internet”. Michele’s typical day includes work, dinner and then bed.
When Michele isn’t at work, she’s happiest hanging out with her husband John and the her dogs. Michele admires people who keep their lives together no matter what circumstances they are faced with, and exemplifies that in her own life. She enjoys cooking, going out to new restaurants & doing yoga with her husband John.
The causes Michele cares most about are recycling, bicycle safety, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. When Michele has spare time, she enjoys dinner & drinks with friends.
Michele’s personal motto is “live & let live”.

Email: Michele@amgprops.com
Direct: 619-348-5346
CA BRE#: 01220280

Amanda Gresiak – Owner/Broker

Amanda Gresiak is our company’s leader. She has been in the property management industry in some capacity since 2004 and continues to learn more and more each day. If she could be anywhere other than work right now, she would be with her husband & kids on an adventure. When Amanda was a child, she dreamt of being a pediatrician. On any given Sunday morning, you can find Amanda practicing yoga and at church. Amanda wants to be remembered as loving, adventurous, full of gratitude & driven. The qualities that Amanda brings to work is her determination & her vision for the company. Three words that would describe Amanda are headstrong, determined & fun loving. The rest of the office may say that Amanda is chatty, a whirlwind & a mom. One goal that Amanda has for this coming year is to purchase some real estate to add to her portfolio. A few of Amanda’s daily routines are working out, prayer & journaling & bedtime snuggles with her two daughters. Some publications that Amanda reads are San Diego Magazine and various self-development books. Amanda is happiest when she is out in nature exploring our beautiful town/city/country/world. The person that Amanda most admires is Jesus, because well… Three of Amanda’s top pet peeves would be bad merging onto the freeway in front of her, people not being resourceful, and her children waking up early when she’s trying to have her “me time”! A typical day for Amanda starts at 4:30am with exercising & meditation, bringing her kids to school, heading to work, some sort of family event or dinner, and then bed. Amanda’s main “talent” is walking in place at her desk at work to get steps on her Fitbit. A few causes that Amanda supports are homelessness, childhood hunger, breast cancer research, & cystic fibrosis research. Amanda loves entertaining friends at her home and meeting at the beach for walks. Amanda’s motto would be “surround yourself with people who are smarter than you”.

Email: Amanda@amgprops.com
Direct: 619-378-0506
Broker CA BRE#: 01895190

Stephanie Lurcook – Leasing Agent

Stephanie Lurcook is our leasing agent super star. Stephanie is the face of our company at showings with all of our potential tenants and exhibits grace & professionalism at every appointment.
If Stephanie could be anywhere other than work, right this minute, she would be in the Sierra Mountains, fishing. When Stephanie was 10 years old, she envisioned herself as a veterinarian. On a Sunday morning, you could find Stephanie at the beach with friends. Stephanie always tries her best to help with any situation and is always open to learning new things. She is fun, caring & understanding. Her co-workers describe her as fun, open to learning new things & helpful. Stephanie aspires to get her real estate license to further her experience & knowledge in this ever changing industry. Stephanie has a daily addiction to Starbucks, and is obsessed with cleaning her house. She loves being outdoors, camping, fishing & spending time with her family. Stephanie greatly admires her parents, who both have worked so hard to support her & her sister. What grinds Stephanie’s gears? People not being on time, liars & chipped nail polish. Stephanie’s day ALWAYS starts with coffee. She is great at arts & crafts and has made the office staff several thoughtful & personalized gifts! Stephanie’s personal motto: “I’m so glad you’re pretty”…

Email: Stephanie@amgprops.com
Direct: 619-363-3967

Cody Yarbro – Office Administration

Cody Yarbro is our Office Admin and so much more! Cody takes care of all the day to day administrative tasks & his friendly and charismatic personality is so fun to be around! If Cody were to be anywhere other than work right this moment, it would be out on a book tour. When Cody was a young boy, he aspired to be a professional singer. On any given Sunday morning, you can find Cody watching Law & Order in bed. Cody wants to be remembered as a person who follows his own path. Some of the important skills that Cody brings to his position here at AMG Props are his versatility, flexibility & ability to learn quickly. He is quite literally a jack of all trades around this office! Three words that describe Cody would be Humorous, eclectic & kind. Around the office, his coworkers may describe him as “Work Order Boy”, or “Man of Many Hats”. Some of Cody’s daily habits include writing (he is currently working on a book!), seeing his friends, movies, Law & Order, and music. One of Cody’s goals for the coming year is to finish his book & have it published, yay! He can be found reading buzzfeed, Google & Apple News. Cody is happiest when he gets to spend quality time with friends, is at the movies or is blasting music in his car. Someone that Cody admires most in his life is his mom, he admires how she has kept strong for her entire family. Three of Cody’s top pet peeves are tardiness, texting at the movie theater, and ignorance. His typical day includes “job one, drive to job two. Shower. Sleep. Repeat”. Skills that most people don’t know Cody possesses are that he went to an academy for criminology & has 12 national writing awards & was awarded most ethical role in leadership. Some causes that are near & dear to Cody’s heart are Dolphins in Japan, underprivileged children & journalism education in schools. When Cody is hanging with his friends, you can find him at the movies, happy hour or vegging out in their pajamas together. Cody’s personal motto is “Be your own standing ovation”.

Email: Cody@amgprops.com
Direct: 619-940-4638

Call or text us at (619) 304-2969 during business hours.

We guarantee that a team member will be on the other end to answer any questions you may have.

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David McKinney – Drive Around Specialist

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