What Are the Different Property Management Services in San Diego?

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August 22, 2018

What does a property management company do? We hear this a lot, and today we’re talking about the different property management services you’ll find in San Diego.

Property Management San Diego: Consulting

The consulting option comes with an hourly rate. Professional property managers will charge you to consult with them on any topic. Maybe you’ll have questions regarding moving a tenant in or moving a tenant out. Potentially, you’ll need help signing a lease renewal or dealing with an eviction. You can consult about anything going on with the tenant during the term of a lease. It’s a good option when you want to rely on a professional.

Property Management Companies: Lease-Only

There’s also a lease-only option. A lot of property managers will offer a service where you pay them a commission to market the property, show the property, and then select and qualify tenants based on their background checks. When you hire a professional to lease your home, make sure whoever you work with completes a thorough background check to ensure you’re getting a great tenant. With a lease-only service, your property manager will sign the lease with the tenants and collect your security deposit. That’s what’s included in lease only package.

Full Service Property Management

The last option is full service property management. This includes all of the property management duties in the lease-only option as well as others. Your property manager will collect rent, move the tenant in, and do a thorough move-in and move-out inspection to document the condition of the property. Your manager will handle the security deposit, both collecting it and returning it. Any tenant disputes will be managed, and maintenance requests will be handled. Those will be tracked well so you don’t have to worry about surprises in your accounting statements.

Accounting reports will be clear and easy to read for tax time. All renewals will also be taken care of. A good full service property manager will reach out to you and your tenants at renewal time to make sure everything is going well and both parties want to sign for another year. Other things are included, such as driving by the property periodically to make sure everything looks good. This is especially beneficial to owners who are out of state; it’s nice to have local eyes on the property.

Full service property management is your most beneficial option when you’re looking for the most bang for your buck. Usually, you pay a monthly commission plus a couple of other fees throughout the lease term. That’s what you’ll find in San Diego when it comes to property management companies and what they can do for you.

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