What Maintenance and Repairs Are a Landlord Responsible for When It Comes to a Rental Property?

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May 15, 2022

Owning a rental property involves many obligations. As a landlord, it is your duty to keep your property in good working order and communicate regularly with tenants.  You’re also charged with the maintenance and repair of your property per the legal rights of California renters. So what exactly are a landlord’s repair responsibilities?

Landlord Repair Responsibilities on a Rental Property: Navigating Tenants’ Rights

Every rental property on the market needs to meet certain habitability standards to ensure tenant safety. A rental unit that meets the standards must have:

  • Waterproofing and weather protection efforts for roof and exterior
  • Functioning heating and AC, plumbing, and electrical systems
  • A generally clean interior free of garbage, insects, and rodents
  • Deadbolt locking available on primary doors
  • Properly maintained and usable stairways, railings, and floors

These are just some of California’s requirements for a safe and habitable rental property. Landlords are also responsible for ensuring that their property is free of nuisances or morally objectionable occurrences such as crimes of any kind.

When Renting a House, Who Is Responsible for Repairs?

As a landlord, you prioritize making your property as inviting as possible to secure future renters when you’re in-between tenants, so you likely already meet all of these standards.

However, what if something happens to jeopardize a safety requirement while a tenant is renting and living on your property? Who is responsible for repairs in a rental property?

What is the Landlord’s Responsibility?

Landlords are responsible for fixing any issue that makes the rental unit legally unsafe for habitation. Since such issues could be dangerous for tenants living in the rental property, the landlord must fix these issues within a reasonable time frame.

Repairs include but are not limited to plumbing or electrical issues, fixing holes in the floor or stairs, and adding a deadbolt to the front door if there is none. If the landlord can’t perform these repairs themselves, they are responsible for finding and hiring a professional to get the job done.

What is the Tenant’s Responsibility?

Tenants have some responsibilities in terms of maintenance.

While landlord repair responsibilities on a rental property are geared more toward legal livability, tenant responsibilities prevent issues from developing that could threaten the status of the property in the eyes of the law.

Tenants are tasked with maintenance and upkeep tasks like keeping the property clean, using all fixtures as intended, and not intentionally defacing or damaging anything on the property.

Learn More About Property Management Services with AMG Props

When you thoroughly understand landlord repair responsibilities on a rental property, you set yourself up for success as a property owner. However, you may need some help to make sure repairs are performed timely and accurately. Contact AMG Props to learn more about property management services.

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