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On our blog, you can access some of the tips and advice that we provide to San Diego landlords like you all the time. Investing in real estate can be difficult and stressful, even if you’ve been doing it for a while. We want to make it fun, profitable, and stress-free.

Check out our San Diego Property Management blog, and get some great information on how to choose the right investment property, place the best tenants, and lower your maintenance expenses. We’ll talk about ROI, risks and liability issues, and everything you need to be a more successful investor.

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How to Deal with Microbial Growth in a Rental House – San Diego Property Management

There are many different kinds of microbial growth in our environments – some of it is toxic and some of it isn’t. Any kind of microbial growth in a rental property, however, raises alarms and causes problems. If you discover it in your property or your tenant reports that microbial growth has been found, you need to act quickly. Not only do you have a legal obligation to protect your tenants from the health risks associated with it, you also want to preserve the condition of your investment.

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How Strict are Fair Housing Laws in San Diego? Property Management Education

As a landlord in California, you must know and comply with many local, state, and federal laws that will affect your property and your tenant. There are security deposit laws, habitability laws, and of course – fair housing laws. You have responsibilities as a landlord, and following the fair housing laws is an important responsibility that you need to take seriously.

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Why Owners Choose to Work with AMG Props

 Today, we want to share some of the reasons that rental property owners choose to work with us. At AMG Props, we are a small business with the efficiencies of a large company. We have that mom-and-pop feel when you walk into the office, and everyone knows your name....

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I hired Amanda to prepare my condo to be rented (including selling unwanted furniture), and to show my condo/find an appropriate tenant. I was living out of state at the time, and had just had a very bad experience with a tenant, so it was very important to find someone whom I could trust to do this for me. Amanda did a great job on all fronts, and for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend her property management services.

Emily B.

San Diego Property Management Blog

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an efficient and capable and reliable team
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I have been well-served by Amanda and her team at AMG properties for the past 3 years when I became a client. They have been friendly, responsive, and efficient in dealing with the many aspects of the rental market.
Google AMG Props
AMG is professional, thorough and reliable. They do an excellent job.
AMG Props replied:
Thank you Bob! It is a pleasure managing your beautiful properties.
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We hired AMG Props in San Diego to manage our property since June 2017 and provide us with a substantial amount of help with running our rental property and ensuring every aspect of our investment operates smoothly. Amanda Gresiak has been our Property Manager. Amanda is very professional with excellent customer service. She knows property management very well. She is honest, trustworthy, friendly, hard working, passionate about her job and overall wants her company to succeed in all aspects of property management. She is very responsive and works very diligently. She is very knowledgeable on property management contract and if you have any questions she will walk you through it so that there’s no miscommunication on the fine print. She has great analytical skills for the fair market value. She knows how to deal with tenant issues, answer any questions we may have and just about every inquiry we ask her she responds to as quickly as possible even after hours and any important communication to our tenant she delivers as quickly as she can. If there’s any issue we know we can rely on her to get the job done correctly and efficiently the first time. We are very happy with her service. Overall, it’s a pleasure working with Amanda Gresiak. We highly recommend her to anyone. AMG Props is the “BEST” property management company you can find in the San Diego area to manage your property. The Pollard’s
Google AMG Props
Amanda and her colleagues were professional, knowledgeable and did not spare any effort to find suitable tenants for our property. We feel we are leaving the management of the property in good hands.
Google AMG Props
Our experience renting a house through AMG properties has been terrific. Their system for processing maintenance requests is efficient and very easy to use. The company has always been very responsive in addressing any issues quickly. I would recommend them to others looking to rent in the market.
Google AMG Props
I have been renting from AMG Props for a few years - the staff is friendly and helpful, and everyone can assist you, so if your main contact is away, you will still get great help. They have an amazingly easy to use Tenant Portal, you can pay rent electronically, as well as submit any maintenance requests. Quick to respond as needed, but our property is well maintained by them so we hardly need to contact them for any fixes. Happy to be renting from them!
Google AMG Props
Amanda and her staff at AMG Props are stellar! Amanda has been managing our rental unit perfectly for years. She found a tenant within a week of contracting with us and has kept the property continuously rented out. Our monthly rent payment is deposited directly into our bank account on time each month. Amanda anticipates any issue that could come up before we even need to address it and constantly finds ways to provide better service to us, as if that were even possible! She automatically emails us clear accounting reports monthly and at year-end. And whenever we have a question or request, Amanda gets back to us promptly. Thank you.
Google AMG Props
Had a great experience working with AMG Props to manage my property in San Diego. Very prompt response times, thorough documentation, and extremely professional.
Google AMG Props
Professional, helpful, consistent, exceptional service.

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