An Owner’s Guide to the Tenant Move-Out Process

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October 14, 2022

Even though you may focus on attracting long-term tenants, almost every tenant will eventually decide to move on.

You can process this transition more efficiently and better prepare for a new tenant when you have a move-out response plan in place. Following this plan will make the move-out process easier for your tenant and you.

Communicate Your Expectations for the Tenant Move-Out Process

Your lease should include detailed information regarding the tenant move-out process. This will ensure the tenant knows what you expect of them when they decide to vacate your property.

Make sure the tenant knows where to find this information when you give them a copy of the lease. It can also be helpful to supply a second copy of the lease to a tenant who has given you notice that they plan to move out.

Create a Post–Move Out Inspection Checklist

Save a copy of your post–move out inspection checklist on your computer so you can print it out as needed. You can also provide your tenant with a copy of the checklist to give them a more detailed idea of what you expect.

The checklist should include all of the items you will check for damage, malfunctions, or neglected care. Mention issues as minor as missing outlet covers or cracked mirrors on the checklist to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Address the Return of the Security Deposit

Your tenant will be waiting for you to return their security deposit, so it is important to perform the inspection as soon as possible. They may disagree with you over damages, so you need to document any items you deduct from their deposit. Photos can help you prove your claim if the issue goes to court.

After carefully documenting any deductions, you must return the remaining portion of the deposit as a part of your normal tenant move-out process.

If Dealing with a Legal Dispute, Consider the Benefits of Mediation

When the tenant move-out process results in a dispute between you and your tenant, either of you may decide to take the issue to court. A court hearing can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Discuss mediation with your tenant as a more efficient alternative. It will be just as impartial as a court hearing, and you’ll have the opportunity to end the landlord-tenant relationship on more satisfactory terms. This is an opportunity to negotiate a compromise that you each think is fair.

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