Renting Your Property? 10 Qualities of an Ideal Tenant

  • AMG Props
February 21, 2022

You know that finding the ideal tenant is crucial to your success and profitability if you're a landlord. The right tenant can make your job a lot easier, while the wrong one can cause all sorts of headaches. So what qualities should you look for? Here are the top 10:

1. Responsible.

The ideal tenant is responsible, has a stable income, and pays their rent on time. They will also be respectful of your rental property, their neighbors, and your rental agreement.

2. Tidy and clean.

A neat tenant does not leave a mess for the landlord to clean up. Instead, they respect the property and take care of it.

3. Ready to move in!

Every day you have to wait for a tenant to move in, it can cost you money. Make sure you know your tenant’s timeline and that it aligns with yours.

4. Friendly.

A friendly tenant gets along with others. They do not cause any disturbances or conflicts with neighbors. Having happy neighbors when you have a rental property can be a huge benefit to you and adds value to the community

5. Cooperative and Considerate.

Ideal tenants work well with landlords and their neighbors. They respect others' privacy and understand how to share common areas without problems.

6. Renting within their means.

Another quality of an ideal tenant is that they have a stable job and can afford to pay rent on time each month. If their rent isn’t within their budget, this can indicate trouble down the road.

7. Good credit score and pass background checks.

The ideal tenant will be a person with a good credit score who can keep their financial promises.

8. Renter’s insurance.

Although it’s not required by law in California, ideal tenants will purchase renters' insurance. They know it’s an excellent way to protect themselves and their belongings.

9. Solid references.

A great tenant will provide plenty of references. If you hire a property management company like AMG Props, we will ask for and contacts references from previous landlords. This provides insight into their past behavior as a tenant.

10. Low maintenance and accommodating.

Some tenants can be much more trouble than they’re worth. If they request unnecessary changes or demand an immediate fix for something that doesn’t warrant an expensive emergency fee, that is money out of your pocket and a big headache.

Get Help Finding the Ideal Tenant

At AMG Props, we have years of experience and know-how to weed out poor applicants, so you don’t have to.

Finding the ideal tenant can be a daunting task, but we are here to help every step of the way. Contact AMG Props to learn more about property management services.

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