Property Maintenance & How It Should Be Handled in San Diego, CA

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May 29, 2018

When we’re picking up new properties or talking with investors, we hear some major complaints about property maintenance. Often, they complain that their property managers don’t communicate with them enough regarding maintenance issues at their properties. They also express concern that once they’re aware of an issue and they reach out to their management company, they don’t hear back with updates.

Potential Rental Maintenance Problems

Maybe the property management company doesn’t have a set, standard operating procedure for maintenance requests and how they should be handled. Or, perhaps they don’t have reliable and reasonably priced vendors at their disposal. These things can always affect the cost of getting the job done.

Residential Property Maintenance Services

It’s important to keep owners in the loop. That’s what you want, and it’s what your property management company should do. When a maintenance request is received, the owner should receive a copy of it, as well as a plan from the property manager. We think it’s important to let owners know what’s going on, and to provide an anticipated cost. Then, there has to be an action plan and a lot of follow up. Once the work is complete, a copy of the invoice should be sent to the owners so they know what to expect when the next monthly statement comes out.

Approval Amounts

Above a certain threshold, property managers should get approval from the owner for the job. You can set that with your property manager during the on-boarding process. For us at AMG Props, the amount is $200. For any repairs over $200, we get on the phone with the owners and obtain their approval before any work is done. Most property management companies in San Diego will do something like this. We cannot be assigning maintenance work that costs thousands of dollars without talking to the owner.

These are the issues and frustrations we hear about from owners and investors. We do what we can to get around these concerns, and to provide high quality, full service property management for you.

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