Why Owners Choose to Work with AMG Props

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May 1, 2018

Today, we want to share some of the reasons that rental property owners choose to work with us.

At AMG Props, we are a small business with the efficiencies of a large company. We have that mom-and-pop feel when you walk into the office, and everyone knows your name. You’ll talk to our small staff, and we only manage around 225 properties, so we really get to know your home.

However, we also have the software and accounting that consumers are accustomed to. You’ll get detailed and reliable accounting statements every month, and you’ll have the benefit of robust software to meet all your needs.

Personality and Integrity

Our team is very personable. If something is not right, we will make it right. We want to identify an owner’s biggest concerns and make an action plan to execute. We have integrity in the way we treat our owners, tenants, and vendors. We have the highest standards for our staff and the people we work with.

Friendly Professionalism

You can expect friendly professionalism, which includes empathy and listening. We want to understand what you need, and set an action plan with clear steps to achieve success in every problem we’re faced with.

We want to wow our clients every time, whether we are working with an owner, a vendor, or a tenant. Our office culture supports this friendly professionalism. There is a lot of employee training as well as outlined processes and procedures. Office team building exercises take place every few months. We’re always updating our best practices as we make new discoveries. We think it’s important to educate ourselves on industry standards, California real estate laws, and new maintenance things that come up. Staying on the cutting edge of all that is part of the way we work.

Establishing and Maintaining Relationships

We want to make owning rental property a unique experience for everyone we work with. It’s the center of every relationship we form.

These are some of the reasons people choose to work with us. We hope you’ll choose to do the same!

We are a residential management company specializing in the leasing and managing of residential properties in metro San Diego and the surrounding areas.

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